Shared vs Dedicated

Introduction #

Our WordPress hosting is built for performance and optimized specifically for serving WordPress websites. We offer two options for hosting, shared and dedicated.

In short, with shared hosting, your website will live on one of our dedicated Virtual Private Servers (VPS) along with other client websites. With dedicated hosting, we’ll get a dedicated VPS setup just for your website(s), which means your website will have it’s own dedicated resources.

WooCommerce (and other eCommerce systems) and Membership based websites generally need to upgrade to our dedicated hosting. These types of sites typically need specific configurations and require their own resources to run smoothly.

Included with All Hosting Plans #

All of our hosting plans include the following:

Free Migration #

We’ll migrate your website from your existing hosting provider to our platform at no additional cost to you.

Page Load Guarantee #

Move your website to our hosting and if your website doesn’t run faster on our servers after migration, we’ll refund your first month’s payment (for hosting only, not your care plan).

Website Security Insurance #

All websites hosted on our platform come with our Website Security Insurance which goes beyond the Security Guarantee our care plans offer.

  • Security and vulnerability monitoring is done at the server level
  • Added protection to block attacks before they ever happen
  • File integrity checks performed when files are changed
  • Automated malware identification and removal (if needed)
  • Root cause analysis report provided in the event of malware detection to determine how your website was infected
  • Blacklist removal (if needed)
  • Additional in depth monthly security report (if desired)

SPAM Guard #

SPAM bots waste time and resources, both for you (getting an email, reviewing, marking it SPAM and deleting) and the website server.

Our real-time SPAM protection stops SPAM in it’s tracks by auto detecting and blocking spambots. Best of all, there are no Captcha, no questions, no counting animals, no puzzles, no math. Pure SPAM fighting magic.

No Bandwidth or Visitor Limits #

We don’t bother putting a leash on your website, we want it to run free. However, depending on your plan this is managed a bit differently.

With shared hosting, we actively monitor our server resources. If your website tends to utilize more resources than average, we’ll ask that you upgrade to a dedicated hosting plan.

“Average” resources will depend on several factors that are constantly changing, so it’s a bit difficult to put an exact description on it. Some of these factors depend on the quality of the code your website is running on (i.e. plugins, custom themes, etc.) and the size of your database (some plugins create custom tables that generate more data than others, i.e. WooCommerce, etc.).

On our dedicated hosting, the only true limit is the size of your server. As your business grows, your server can grow with it.

Free, no hassle, SSL #

Every website set up on our hosting platform will automatically have a Let’s Encrypt SSL setup and installed by default and will automatically renew. You’ll never have to worry about SSL expiration dates again.

Staging Environment #

Test plugins, themes or other changes before going live. Rebuild your website from scratch. It’s yours to do what you want with it. You’ll be able to sync (not merge) your production website with your staging site on demand. If you need to be able to merge between the two, you’ll want to review our Enhanced Staging with Merging add-on.

Extra Backups #

Most hosting providers backup your site once daily. We do this as well, encrypted and stored securely at an offsite location. However, in addition to those nightly backups, we also backup your website to the local server every hour. That means, if we ever have to restore your website from a backup, the most you’ll ever lose is an hour worth of work, orders, comments, etc.

Specific to Shared Hosting #

For 1 website #

Each shared hosting plan is for a single website.

10GB of storage #

That’s a lot, but, if you do need additional storage, you could upgrade to a dedicated hosting plan which provides the ability to scale up with your storage needs or we could work with you to offload your resources to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to free up the storage you are utilizing on our server.

Specific to Dedicated Hosting #

For unlimited websites #

You can put as many sites as you want on your dedicated server, resources permitting.

Dedicated resources #

Your server will start with 2GB Memory, 1 vCPUs, 2TB Bandwidth and 50GB SSD Storage/Disk Space. You’ll have the ability to scale your server up as your business grows.

Care Plan Discounts #

All websites hosted on your dedicated server are eligible for a 10% discount on any care plan except Exclusive.