Search Engine Optimization for the Service Industry

Get More Organic Leads for Your Service Business

Building a stream of reliable leads propels growth and ensures sustainability for your business in any economy.

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HVAC & Plumbing

Problem: Dire need of new leads and better local visibility.

Solution: Extensive keyword research and competative analyis in order to optimize  their Google Business Profile and onsite content.

Roof Restoration

Problem: Looking to increase traffic and leads and improve conversions.

Solution: Created optimized local conten and focused on on-page SEO to increase the local presence in the service area.

Auto Shop

Problem: Not generating enough phone calls or leads from their website.

Solution: Implemented a conversion-focused approach for their marketing strategy and optimized visibility for the local audience.

Relying on referrals is not sustainable

The majority of service businesses get the bulk of their business through word of mouth.

Referrals are extremely important and powerfulhowever, they are unpredictable. You never really know where your next customer will come from.

As you likely know, people regularly use Google and other search engines to find goods and services they need everyday.

The businesses with website content tailored to those searches receive regular and predictable calls to their business.

What would another 10, 20 or 100 leads do for your business?

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Things have been going great! Your team has helped us keep better track of our conversions and we have been seeing an uptick in quality leads.
Marketing Specialist

Golden State

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Get a reliable stream of leads

As if keeping your business running, your employees and/or contractors happy, paying your bills, and all while spending time with your family wasn’t hard enough, to top it off, you need to also make sure you have leads calling your business regularly.

You’re here reading this, so something isn’t quite right with business. Maybe you want to increase your sales, revenue isn’t as predictable as you’d like, referrals aren’t as strong as they used to be, or you’re worried about the economy.

What’s your next move? Should you run some ads? Start blogging? Redesign your entire website?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online presence to ensure your ideal customers are able to find your business AND making sure those that do find your business want to contact you.

Give Us Six Months

Start seeing positive results in 6 months.

If not, we’ll work for free until you do.

Accountability & Transparency

Search engine optimization can be complicated and hard to understand.

Most SEO agencies tend to overwhelm you with all the things that need to be done and then keep you in the dark about all the things being done.

SEO doesn’t have to be so hard.

There is no reason you shouldn’t have transparency about what your SEO agency is doing.

At Watchdog Studio, we:


Focus on educating you with the necessary information around your SEO campaign.


Give you access to your own project dashboard giving you full transparency and real time views into the tasks our team is planning and implementing.


Provide you the opportunity to meet with us each month to chat about progress, results and next steps.

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Our Process

Introductory Call

Let’s make sure we can help you grow organically.

Choose A Plan

Our SEO plans are tailored to your industry and location for maximum results.

Onboarding & Setup

Our easy virtual onboarding process will help us generate your custom SEO strategy.

Off we go

Our team will dive into your SEO campaign. You can be involved as much as you want.

No unrealistic promises or gimmicks

We focus on leads—people ready to engage with your services. That’s what you’re after anyway, right?

Our plans are based on market competitiveness in your industry and local population size.

With the right plan matched up with your market you can expect to see a 20-40 percent increase in leads year-over-year from our efforts in just 6-9 months.

You may see results faster or it may take a little longer if your business is new to the internet (new domain, new website, no link profile, etc.).

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Our goal is to


Target the right keywords


Optimize your website for conversions.


Create authoritative content.

These three pillars will


Increase the search visibility of your website.


Provide visitors with a great user experience.


Ultimately convert those users into warm leads.


Problem: Desired more organic traffic to their animal hospital.

Solution: Created a content and keyword strategy and wrote keyword focused content to compliment the research.

Family Law

Problem: Located in a competative market and desired an increase in visibility.

Solution: Created content focused on divorce and family law keywords while implementing advanced technical SEO and schema markup.

Med Spa

Problem: Struggling to generate leads and a desire to increase foot traffic.

Solution: Focused on Google Business Profile optimizations, content production, and conversion rate optimization.

Increase organic leads by 20-40% year-over-year in as little as 6 months

Referrals are unpredictable and leave your business vulnerable to the ebb and flow of your past customers mentioning your business to someone else. Business may seem fine today, but what about in a week, a month, a year or more down the road?

A solid search engine optimization strategy will build a reliable flow of organic leads and provide your business with a more sustainable and long-term revenue stream that will last for years after your SEO campaign has been implemented.

Your SEO plan will be month-to-month with no contract and include:


Custom SEO Strategy


Technical SEO


Onpage SEO


Keyword Research and Tracking


Website Conversion Optimization


Conversion Tracking and Testing


Google Business Profile (GBP) Optimization


GBP Content Creation


Citation Audit and Submission


Ongoing Content Optimization


Monthly Content Creation


Monthly Reporting

If we can’t produce your business positive results in 6 months*, we’ll continue to work on your SEO campaign for free until we can. What have you got to lose?

Book an Introductory Call

* Requires recommended plan and timeline starts after any SEO related issues (suspended GBP, poor quality backlinks, etc.) have been cleaned-up.

SEO Frequently Asked Questions

How much does SEO cost?

The cost of SEO can vary greatly depending on several factors, including:

  • The domain authority of the website being worked on
  • The difficulty/competitiveness of the particular keywords being targeted
  • The competitiveness of the market

Every business is different and unique, as should be your SEO strategy.

Our strength is serving the service industry and have found we’re able to effectively develop a customized SEO strategy at a reasonable price based on your specific industry and your local population.

In general, clients of ours are on plans as low as $800/mo for less competitive industries in areas with small populations and others on plans beyond $4,000/mo for specific industries in large metropolitan areas or businesses requiring multi-regional or national campaigns. On average, the investement for one of our SEO plans is around $1,800/mo.

Each plan we put together is unique for your business.

If you’d like a quick quote based on your industry and market, send us a note including your website, industry and target city or geographic area and we’ll be able to give you a pretty good estimate of what your monthly investment will be working with us.

Do your SEO plans have a minimum contract length?
Our professional SEO services are offered month-to-month with no contract. In other words, you are not locked into a long-term contract and are free to cancel or modify your service with us at any time.

Keep in mind, SEO is a process and takes time to see results which is why we recommend a 6-9 month commitment. On average, when on the plan we recommend based on market competitiveness (based on the specific industry and local population), our SEO clients see a 20-40% increase in organic leads year-over-year within 6-9 months.

If you’re unsure about something or are expecting to see results that you’re not seeing, we encourage you to reach out.

Which service industries are your SEO services best tailored for?

Our knowledge and track record spans across most service businesses. That said, we’ve seen the most success with the following specific industries:

  • Auto: body shops, car wash, mechanics, dealerships
  • Chiropractors: general, pain & sports rehab
  • Consulting: coaching, therapy
  • Dental: general, implants, orthodontia
  • Financial
  • Funeral Homes
  • Home Services: electrical, garage door repair, house cleaning, HVAC, painters, pest control
  • Landscaping: general, fire abatement, lawn care, tree services
  • Legal: bankruptcy, criminal defense, divorce, DUI, family, personal injury
  • Moving and Storage
  • Personal Care: massage therapy, yoga studio
  • Real Estate: local
  • Remodeling: general, kitchen and bath, restoration, water damage, window replacement
  • Roofing: general, water damage, repair
  • Veterinary

If your specific service isn’t listed, reach out to find out if we think we’ll be able to help you increase your organic leads.

Should my business implement an SEO strategy?

If you would like your business to be found by customers looking for your services and choose you over your competitor—then yes.

Can I do SEO on my own?

Sure. We’ve actually written an article covering how to do your own SEO and what is involved.

In short, the trade off is the amount of time vs the amount of money you invest in your SEO campaign.

If you’re like most business owners in the service industry, you don’t have a ton of spare time to focus on implementing an SEO strategy and campaign (let alone learn what you should or shouldn’t be doing along the way). As such, you are more likely to get a better return and better results with investing your money over your time.

What resources will you need access to?

After you complete your virtual onboarding we’ll request access to your website, your Google Business Profile(s), Google Analytics, and Google Search Console.

Website access is required for us to make code and/or copy changes ensuring all of the foundational SEO best practices are in place. You’ll have the option of being involved as much as you’d like with the review and approval of any changes.

Google Business Profile access is required for us to optimize your profile, post weekly updates, and respond to reviews. Again, you’ll always have the option of being involved as much as you’d like with reviewing and approving changes, updates, and posts.

Google Analytics and Search Console access is required for us to properly create your strategy, analyze traffic, track our progress, and provide you with detailed monthly reports.

Any delay in providing us access will delay us from starting your SEO campaign as quickly as possible.

If you’re unsure how to provide us access, don’t hesitate to reach out to your account manager and they will gladly point you in the right direction.

Will I need to make changes to my website?

We can’t answer this without reviewing your website and analyzing your conversion rate. The quick answer is, likely.

Your goal is to generate more leads (or should be, that’s why you’re here and reading this, right?). To do that, one of the most critical steps is to review your conversion rate: the ratio of website visitors that decide to contact you to the total number of visitors. The process of optimizing your website to increase the conversion rate (aka getting more website visitors to convert into leads) is called conversion optimization.

Conversion optimization is one of the cornerstones of any successful SEO strategy. Afterall, getting people to your website is only half the battle. If a visitor finds your website and the website takes too long to load (or doesn’t load at all), they are confused on what to do, or not sure if your business can help them, they will quickly return to their research and move on.

Not to worry though. Our veteran SEO team is more than capable of working on your website. They’ve collectively worked on thousands of websites, built with all different systems from WordPress to Wix to static HTML websites. However, if you have your own team in place, you can let us know and we can send our recommendations over for you to pass on for them to implement.

Do you follow/implement any blackhat tactics?

Definitely not!

Blackhat tactics produce quick (sometimes) gains with short-term results that don’t last.

Our goal is to produce long-lasting results for your business. We’ve also helped businesses recover from SEO “agencies” that have used these blackhat tactics and corrupted their organic lead flow.

Will you my website rank #1 in Google?

Ranking #1 in Google for specific search terms or keywords is not what we focus on. We can’t and won’t promise a specific ranking position in search results.

Instead, our metrics and goals are focused on leads generated for your business. We want more people interested in your services contacting you on a regular basis each and every month.

Is SEO better than paid advertising (Adwords, paid search, PPC)?

One isn’t necessarily better than the other, they are different strategies for gaining exposure and generating traffic to your website.

The best way to compare the two is using a rent vs own analogy.

Paid advertising is like renting a top spot in search results for a given keyword. If you pay the price and continue to outbid other businesses willing to pay for that top spot, you can get search visibility within weeks and start producing quality leads. However, this can get quite expensive as other businesses bid against you for that top spot for the same keywords.

On the other hand, optimizing your website and surrounding digital presence for search engines (aka search engine optimization or SEO) offers the chance to own a top spot for your business in those same search results. The process of SEO takes a bit longer to achieve, but when done properly can build a much more sustainable and long-term revenue stream for your business that can potentially last years after an SEO campaign has been properly implemented.