Introduction #

When actively working on your website, there are times where you’ll want to clear the cache to be sure your visitors see the newly updated changes. You can clear the cache for a specific page or for your entire website.

Clear Specific Page #

To clear cache for a specific page, you’ll first need to be logged in to your website. Next, when visiting the page you’d like to clear the cache for, within the admin bar, you should see Purge Current Page.

purge page cache

Clicking this will clear the Page Cache for the specific page your are viewing.

Clear Entire Website #

If you need to clear the cache for the entire website, visit the WordPress dashboard ( Here, within the admin bar, you should see Purge Cache.

purge website cache

Clicking this will clear the Page Cache for the entire website.

Don’t Forget to Clear the Object Cache #

So far, you’ve only cleared the Page Cache. When clearing the Page Cache, you’ll likely also want to clear the Object Cache to be safe. To do so, click the Flush Object Cache option within the admin bar.

purge all cache

Troubleshooting #

We often have people report that the cache clearing doesn’t work correctly. This is usually traced back to one of the two caches (page cache or object cache) not being cleared. If you’re trying to fully purge the cache on your website you must clear both the Page Cache and the Object Cache.

In the event you are still experiencing issues and believe it is related to caching, please contact support.