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The Six Essentials of Website Security

How secure is your website right now?

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Your website is critical to your business—are you taking care of it?

Ensuring your website is properly secure is essential to protect your reputation, customer data, and ensure uninterrupted business success.

If your website is offline or has major issues, this will affect your revenue and customers.

It’s important to be vigilant in today’s modern world as the average website will suffer multiple attacks on a daily basis, looking for weaknesses.

You’ll hear on a regular basis how companies and websites are being exploited by malicious attackers. Many of these attacks are simply because someone is taking advantage of human error or a lapse in concentration.

Your website is one of the most important parts of your business. It’s critical that you keep it secure and available for your customers. If your website is hacked, this will harm your credibility.

Download our free guide today and we’ll walk you through five important layers of security that you should be implementing into your website security plan.

Our guide will outline the common causes of website security, allowing you to put together a clear plan to secure your website and gain enhanced peace of mind.

Gain insight into the most critical aspects of any security strategy.
Understand password best practices and the best ways to mitigate risk.
Identify the most common human errors that lead to vulnerabilities.
Discover why it’s important to choose a good web hosting provider for your website.
Learn why a backup strategy is vital for your business and what tools we recommend.

Our Clients Said It Best…

I trust all my client’s websites in the capable hands of Watchdog Studio. The hosting is reliable, with excellent features and exemplary service. The relief I feel knowing that [Watchdog] is keeping an eye on the servers, and will jump into and handle any issue is worth every dollar.

Ben Klocek

Bracia Design

Watchdog Studio is thorough in their monitoring of our account and prompt in responding to questions or concerns. Working with Justin, I can relax about the tech side knowing it’s in good hands, so I can keep my attention focused on my clients, where it needs to be.

Tasha Beuchamp, MSc

Elder Pages Online, LLC

From the start, Watchdog Studio has been extremely communicative, thorough, and prompt. They install updates and patches as soon as they are available, and hiccups with my site are quickly solved. The expense has been well worth the peace of mind and reliable hosting.

Andrew Skurka

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